Cleaning Laminate Floors

Laminate Floors CleaningMany people opt for laminate flooring as it is cheaper, easier to maintain and somewhat more durable than hardwood floors. Indeed so, but laminate flooring does require specialised cleaning maintenance in order to keep it looking better for longer. Some of the most common issues displayed by laminate flooring are caused by erroneous cleaning treatments, namely water and detergent streaks which can be quite a nuisance to remove.

According to industry professionals and laminate flooring experts, the key to a long lasting, good looking laminate floor is regular cleaning. In this case, sporadic cleaning efforts will not suffice.

The cleaning details:

  • Use the soft brush nozzle attachment of your vacuum cleaner when vacuuming laminate flooring; optionally use a soft brush with a long handle.

  • Always vacuum and brush the floor along the grain or grooves, not sideways; this way you pick up all the grime between the boards.

  • Mix a sparing amount of mild dishwasher with warm (not hot) water in your mop bucket; when mopping laminate always wring the mop thoroughly in order to avoid water streaks; the less detergent you use the better – large amounts of detergent will leave marks and streaks.

Water streaks and detergent stains are a big nuisance when it comes to laminate floor cleaning. Problem is that while the floor is still wet, there are no streaks or marks visible. However, when the floor dries up, the streaks will show.

Laminate Floors CleaningMost of the time, water streaks and marks are caused by excess amount of floor cleaning product present in the mop bucket. Other times, the mop itself could have become grimy which also causes streaks. Check your gear and products before commencing the job.

There is a proven homemade solution to water streaks on laminate floors and that is to use a small amount of white vinegar.

Add about half a cup of white undiluted vinegar to a bucketful of water and then add two splashes of liquid, mild detergent. Stir well, but try not to foam up the bucket as foam doesn’t clean well and can possibly leave marks on the floor.

Clean the floor as you normally would. The solution will not affect the shine or appearance of the laminate flooring. In case there are still some streaks visible, perhaps you need to add some more vinegar to the concoction.

Using homemade laminate cleaning treatments can void your manufacturer warranty so check if the warranty is still in effect, if it has run out then you are free to clean the floor as you wish.