Step by step tutorial on how to clean a leather couch

Leather Sofa CleaningA leather couch just like all types of leather furniture requires special care and maintenance. By using the step by step tutorial from this article you will be able to keep your leather sofa in perfect condition and therefore prolong its lifespan.This is how to clean your couch according to Carpet Cleaning London ant their lovely staff.

Step 1: Dust your sofa meticulously on least once a week. You can use your vacuum cleaner to pick the larger particles and then a clean soft cloth to remove the dust. Also don’t forget to turn extra attention to the spaces between the sofa’s seat cushions as these areas tend to accumulate lots of dust, dirt and debris.

Step 2: Once you have dusted your couch, inspect it thoroughly to see whether there are any stains. If you notice any stains wash only the stained areas and leave the rest of the couch alone. You must do so because when it comes to leather cleaning as strangely as it sounds the less you clean it the more it will keep its appearance. The stainless areas of your couch you can simply wipe down with a slightly damp cloth.

Leather Sofa CleaningStep 3: Treat the stains with a commercial leather cleaner. You can purchase such a cleaning product from any supermarket and specialized cleaning store. Never under any circumstance use cleaning products that aren’t specially made for leather because they will certainly damage the leather surface of your sofa. Once that you have acquire the leather cleaner get a damp cloth and dip into the cleaner. Next apply the cleaner over the stained areas with medium pressure and start rubbing the surface of the leather in an inward circular motion. Don’t use an outward motion because you will spread the stain further over your leather sofa.

Step 4: When you have removed a stain, wipe the excess cleaner from your sofa with a clean absorbent cloth or towel before you move to the next stain. Once again apply medium pressure. Pressing too much can cause permanent marks on the leather.

Step 5: Now check the leather surface of your couch for signs of mold or mildew. If you notice such signs make your own mild solution by mixing one part of water with once part of vinegar. Spray the mixture lightly over the problematic area and allow it to sit. Once the signs of mold or mildew are gone, quickly wipe the excess solution with a clean towel or cloth.

Step 6: Finish the cleaning by drying your leather couch thoroughly.